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Chief of Northeast Search and Rescue, Inc.

Director of Operations - Rescue International

Owner - Incident Control Systems  

Welcome to my Home Page. As the founder of NESAR's original organization ECHOS back in the early 70's I have had the opportunity to travel all over the US and many parts of the world on SAR missions. I was the Operations and Communications Officer for the US Disaster Teams response to an earthquake in Soviet Armenia, a tragedy that took over 25,000 lives. I also directed the response of K-9 units to a major building collapse in Bridgeport CT where 28 lives were lost. I had the pleasure to meet President Bush during RI's response after Hurricane Andrew. I directed NESAR/RI's water rescue response to Boundbrook, NJ during the 1999 flooding and the list goes on.

I had the honor to coordinate the Canine Recovery Task Force that worked for two weeks in NYC during recovery operations.  Over 300 people and 60 canines responded under RI's banner at the request of the NYPD.  The CRTF is developing into a permanent cadaver response service.

I'm a founding organizer of the PA and NJ SAR Councils, Life Member and past Board Member of NASAR, Director of Operations and a founding member of Rescue International, MSO Instructor, Water Rescue Instructor, Canine Trainer and I have developed a number of training programs for the SAR,  Search Dog and the Disaster Response field.

As a SAR team member and officer I have been on over 950 Searches and Major Emergencies. I have served as Chief of NESAR for all but one of it's 31 years. As a K-9 handler I have been able to work my two German Shepherds on over 410 Searches in the past 18 years, with 56 of them being Water Recovery Searches to locate drowned victims. I have my third SARD a Border Collie mix that is working at certification as a Live Find Air Scent and Recovery/Cadaver dog.

There are few things in life better than seeing your dog make a find, be it an unfortunate dead victim or better yet a live find.

Fortunately, I also get to put my full time occupation and my 31 years of communications experience to work in SAR. I enjoy being able to incorporate radio communications into my interest in SAR management and operations. I also love to work the amateur radio bands under my call sign N3MSI.

Training has been a weekly part of my life for a long time, I have been enrolled in classes or teaching classes for the past 31 years.

If you need Search & Rescue and related training please call. Courses and Programs available:

Wilderness, Water and Urban Search Dog Training programs and seminars

Wilderness Search Dog Training Manual and Video (Program) Local Sponsored Trainings avalible

Scent 101 - Scent Training class on how scent works and what the handler needs to know.

Managing Search Operations, by ERI (20 or 40 Hr Class)
This class is also available with special focus towards Canine and Urban SAR operations.

Search Team Member Training for Emergency Services Personnel, by Rescue International, (Course or Home Study Manual)

Water Search with Dogs, By Rescue Int'l (Program)

PAWD - Professional And Working Dog Evaluation . Much like the AKC CGC for Search Dogs

SAR/Disaster Response Communications w/ ComTec-I Certification, by Bruce Barton, Rescue Int'l (Class or Home Study Manual)

Disaster Management for Schools (Class)

Field Team Member by NESAR PA Standards (Class)

Field Team Leader by NESAR PA Standards (Class)

Disaster Response Tech. by Bruce Barton, Rescue Int'l (Class)

Fire Search for victims using K-9's, By Bruce Barton, Rescue Int'l (Classroom)

Starting a K-9 Search and Rescue Team, Bruce Barton (Program)

I'm currently working on a number of new training programs and videos.

How to contact me.

Please snail mail me at PO Box 544 Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327

Or E-Me

Or Fax me at 877-539-4686

NESAR/RI Emergency Dispatch Only: 800-426-3547 Dispatchers will not take personal calls.

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Thank you, and watch for more SAR related info to come. Updated 9-1-03

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