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If you wish that the money be used in a special manor please see below and note that on a check or make a general donation on line


If you wish to donate to RI in support of our response team or training programs you can mail your donation to:

Rescue International

PO Box 544 Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327

 Fax 877-539-4686

Any questions E-Mail


Thank You US Airways for your support in our search for Natalee Holloway.

Formed in 1985 Rescue International (RI) is a nonprofit, corporation formed of people, response teams and companies that provide special search, rescue, and recovery services and products to requesting agencies free of charge. RI's educational programs are based on a foundation of experienced instructors teaching students skills and providing information derived from hands on experience and supported with a written program guide and/or manual. RI has a number of Search and Rescue Training Programs available.    RI's canine programs will help train SAR Canine  handlers and their dog to reach a minimum Canine Training Standard for each area of operational ability.

Based in Stroudsburg, PA., RI  members and resources have responded to many of the major disasters in the past 15 years, including the 1987 Bridgeport, CT - Apartment Building Collapse, 1988 Earthquake in Armenia USSR, Hurricanes Hugo-Andrew-Opal, 1999 flooding in Boundbrook, NJ , World Trade Center Disaster Recovery Operations, Natalee Holloway search in Aruba, two months of recovery operations in the Gulf Coast and many regional rescues.

The Funds--- NOTE RI is a non-profit rescue and educational organization but is not a charity and donations are not tax deductible per the IRS code at this time, its only a act of passion and thanks to the handlers, canines and team members that are on the line or are going to be there when needed.

Operations fund is for expenses related to the Rescue and Recovery Task Force operations under the direction of RI for current operations.  It will be used to help handlers and team members with expenses from a response, help with canine medical expense and cover cost of equipment and expenses of the Rescue Recovery Task Force operations and preparation for future response .  Please put Operations Fund on the check.  

Water Rescue and Flood Training Programs  Please put Water Rescue Training Fund on the check

Canine Training fund will be used to provide better training for SAR canines and their handlers.  Put Canine Training fund on your check.

Search Dog Medical Fund  Please put K9 Medical Fund on the check

Communications Unit operations and training,   Please put Comm Fund on the check

How is the money distributed:

A panel of  RI members will review requests and issue funds as needed and available.  Emergency needs below $500 can be issued by the director as required.

No funds shall be used to pay any staff and no more that 5% shall be used for direct administration cost or card charges for the fund. 

Some items that we need now:

Water Rescue Boats and equipment for future responses and training classes.

Sponsor for the Interop 101 training class

Instant Hot water heaters gas or electric for decontamination of dogs at the scene of a operation.

Stainless steel examination and cabinets for medical treatment area of the support trailer

We are looking for corporate sponsors and grant providers to help with these funds and also for the Academy training programs.

Thank you for your help, God Bless 

A Big on going THANK YOU to AIRTRAN Airlines and Home Depot for their support.

Larger corporate sponsors are needed, please contact us about becoming a Gold sponsor at 



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