Pennsylvsnia Rescue Rescovery Task Force and
Pennsylvania Search and Rescue, Recovery Teams
are state chapters of Rescue International.


Monroe County/Northeast PA regional SAR team, call 800-426-3647 or call Monroe County 911 for Station 78 emergency requests only.  MEMBERS NEEDED email

PA-SARRT Resources:

K9 Teams, Cadaver, live, water recovery, fire, disaster K9's.  PA-SARRT Has many years experiance in locating missing persons that have lond been deceased , cold case recoveries, and recoveries from airplane crashes and  explosions. Our staff is trained in bone idetiication, grave location proceduers and technologies.

We have a custom built Rescue One, Rescue/Recovery Boat with Side Scan Sonar, ROV Mini Sub, Night Vision and Thermal Camera, underwater drop and tow behind cameras to aid in locating bodies. Victim recovery device.

Water Team, Water Rescue Techs, 4 boats for all water environments, Rescue and Recovery, ICE Rescue, K9's for body  search, Side Scan Sonar, Underwater ROV.


Technologies Team, Portable communiations, Satellite, Repeaters, Radios, Deployable FirstNet Date Kit, Reapeater trailer, extra radios and more.

Airecraft ELT and PLB tracking team

Member RI, Rescue Recovery Task Force-1  Respondes Statewide and National, as needed


Information contact 


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