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Courses and Programs available:

  • UAS/UAV ( Drone ) public safety, SAR and disasater response UAV training program
  • Advanced Swift-Water/Flood rescue training (see below)
  • Rescue Boat and Personell Rescue Craft (PRC) training
  • Water Rescue Flood Response Operations and Technician
  • PAWD- Professional and Working Dog evaluation of working dog tempermant
  • Interoperability 101- Com Tec Training Program 1, 3 or 5 day class  Look at for details.
  • Disaster communications operations module
  • Search Drone training and Pilot/Spotter cetertification (see below)
  • Cadaver/Recovery advance canine team training
  • Cadaver/Recovery canine certification testing
  • Scent 101 and Advance Scent Theory, a handler training in what scent is and how it effects the search (4, 8 or 16 hour class)
  • Managing Search Operations, by ERI(16 or 32 Hr Class)  Staff instructors This class is the main stay in Search Management training. 
  • Managing Canine Search Operations, by ERI-RI(16 or 32 Hr Class)    Staff Instructors This class is designed to give search managers and handlers of canine teams the basic skills to run a search that involves heavy use of canine resources.  Lots of lessons learned and hands-on map and role playing.
  • Managing Urban Disaster Search Operations, by ERI-RI(16 to 40 Hr Class)  Bruce Barton and Staff Instructors This class is based on the ERI MSO training but has been formatted by RI's staff to address the special needs and procedures of Urban Search and Rescue Teams that deal with building collapse, weather emergencies and flooding.
  • Search Team Member Training for Emergency Services Personnel, by Rescue International, (Class)
  • Water Search with Dogs , By Rescue Int'l  Training Class (Hands on Class)  Instructors  Bruce Barton and Staff
  • Water Search with Dogs Manual and Video , By Rescue Int'l   (Training Program)



    AIRSAR Training and Certification program for Search Drone
    operations for SAR and Law Enforcement

    Aerial Integrated Response to SAR (AIRSAR c)
    Call for class details as the program is expanding to include a national data base of certified pilots, crews and response teams able to respond for no cost to local/regional missions.  Non-agency related pilots will also be able to join RI and gain a vast range of mission support services.
    Search Drones provide a view that has only been avalible from public safety choppers that cost thousands of dollors to respond to SAR missions.  The new generation of unmanned remote Drones can provide HD stablized video, thermal cameras, remote viewing, GPS flight controls with auto return when the craft flies out of range.

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    Water Emergency Team Technician Program © (WET-TEC 2,1) 

    WET-2 is a 3 day class that takes the basic water rescue candidate up to a intermediate technician level for standing and moving water rescues in urban and rural environments.  Covers the use of PPE, understanding water dynamics, REACH and THROW rescue devices, basic BOAT rescue operations, in water GO rescue, Low Head Dam Rescue, standing and moving water flood operations. This class provides about 50% of the time as hands on and in water training..  Pre Requisites: Department approval, Medical Statement, basic water and swimming ability must be able to swim in current in full PPE. This is not a remote area or major river with whitewater style class .  Pre-Reqs:  You must have completed basic Public Safety Water Rescue class and rope/line systems class like that offered by Rescue 3, LifeGuard systems,  PA Fish and Boat or other state sponsored or national training program.

    This class is conducted at locations across the US and avalible in many countries  This class also features use of our in water Submerged Vehicle Rescue Simulator (SVRS) developed by RITA.  Avrage Cost $350 includes some meals.

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    Advanced Flood Operations Module (2-3 Days) is part of the WET TEC and WET ONE© certification .  This module deals with flash and major waterway flooding operations in a urban or rural environment.  Use of rescue watercraft, management and team deployment, advanced in water training on our Submerged Vehicle Rescue Simulator (SVRS)  Classroom topics include water proof radio communications, basic air operations awareness, PWC use during flooding, HazMat/DeCon . This class is normally conducted at ASCI's re-circulating waterway in McHenry MD  but is available at other sites.  Pre-Reqs:  You must have completed basic Public Safety Water Rescue class and rope/line systems class like that offered by Rescue 3, LifeGuard systems,  PA Fish and Boat or other state sponsored or national training program. Attendees MUST have two years active experience with a PS water rescue team.  This is Class 2-4 swiftwater conditions.

    RESCUE CRAFT Training Class.  This is a one or two day class that offers the participant the training need to safely use a RESCUE CRAFT inflatable rescue boat as required by the Manufacture  in standing to class 4 water and use in low head dam operations. Train the trainer is also available for larger departments with RESCUE CRAFT This class is taught by factory trained instructors on the Rescue Craft inflatable.



    Personal Rescue Craft Training.  This two day class trains your staff in use of a PWC for rescue and public safety operations in standing, swift and flood water. Use of rescue boards and rescue techniques.  Class also looks at the use of a PWC as a propulsion support unit for back up to a rescue boat during swiftwater operations,  Agency must supply crafts for training. (this is not a surf rescue class)

    Low Head Dam Rescue Module   This 2 day class cover the latest techniques in rescuing a person from a LHD environment. This class focuses on low risk methods to extricate victims from the base of a LHD while limiting rescuers exposure.  This class will use RI's RSQ Platform  for self rescue and RSQ Craft inflatable rescue boast and will look at other new devices and new boats available for your agencies use.

    On-site classes are available, contact us for details and cost. 

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    Up-coming open attendance class dates:

                       Limited Local classes only at this time due to COVID 19            

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    Class Announcement


    Scent 101 and K9 Search Operations Management Spring 2021 NE PA
    Monroe County Public Safety Center
    Gypsum Rd Stroudsburg PA 18360
    Presented by Rescue International

    Advance Scent Training
    For Wilderness, Water and Urban SAR Dog Teams

    A classroom and field training session designed to allow you to better understand the travel of human scent. How to plan and deploy K9 teams.

    Instructed by RI staff with many years experiance, each with multible finds

    This training session is intended to provide the air scent and trailing K-9 handler with knowledge of basic and advance scent travel in the wilderness or when working standing or collapsed buildings. 


    • What is scent. How dogs scent
    • Common scent terminology, how the nose works
    • How scent travels overland
    • How scent reacts to the terrain
    • Effects of thermal breezes
    • How wind effects scent travel
    • Hot and cold weather
    • Scent travel in buildings 
    • The effect on scent from deep burial in collapsed structures
    • How scent travels in a collapsed structures 
    • Water Search theories
    • Use of Scent Generators for training water, cadaver, and live subject USAR search dogs
    • The USAR Dog a scent detector or Co2 Detector?

     Attendees will learn the effects that the environment plays on human scent travel in the wilderness, on water and in buildings.  This session is instructed with the aid of slides and video demonstration.  Hands on demonstration of the use of scent generators, smoke generators and smoke bombs.  There will be hands on work of the dogs,  sessions will have problem solving with canines and multiple instructors.  We use Closed Circuit TV cameras to allow students a view never before offered to handlers as a group.   

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    On day two of two day classes, participants will spend the AM in the classroom working on K9 search management practices, understand why and how handler areas are determined, students will see how to lay out multiple K9 search areas, review how to plan advanced area searches like cadaver, disaster, water search and building search.

    On Sunday PM students will get to work basic and advanced specialized live and cadaver problems.

    Cost is $45 a day to cover handouts and refreshments.
     K9 spots limited
    This class is designed for all levels of handlers K9 work will be more suited for intermediate to advanced operational K9 Teams, Search managers and K9 support personnel (all dogs will be given chances to work based on skill levels) BUT be aware there is a lot of class room and demos.  Limited transport from Newark airport is available.

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    Check back for more dates on our classes and up coming SAR CAMPS and SAR DOG EXPO's

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