RITA’s UAS/UAV Operator flight training provides the student with all the FAA rules and procedures to fly a small UAS aircraft for Public Safety operations with a Government Level COA or 333 exception with an approved PIC or under the new FAA proposed sUAS flight rules.  It includes operations for Search and Rescue, Disaster Response, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and Rescue operations.  How to apply for a FAA 333 or government flight exception. Training requirements, insurance and flight operations will be reviewed.  How to develop a plan on how to start a UAS/UAV program in your agency or department.   For more information email academy@rescueinternational.org

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July 2018 DTBA Stroudsburg PA  Public Safety use of a UAS/Drone

The Saturday AM “Public Safety use of a UAS/Drone” session will address the following areas needed to start a P.S. UAS/Drone program in your department.  It will run from 9AM till 1PM with refreshments provided. Cost is $35 Pre-Registration is on line.  Walk-ins are not available and online registration closes Friday 29th at noon.

The AM session looks at, what is UAS/Drone how can they be used by Fire, EMA, SAR, LE and public works.  How to start a UAS program, what are the uses, how to train a Remote Aircraft Pilot, Insurance, FAA Rules and UAS law.  Do’s and Don’ts of UAS use.  Flying under a 33, Government COA and the 107 Rules, what’s best for you? 

The RI operator training intro class: will address Public Safety and SAR operations when to use a UAS, requesting a UAS for mission, Incident Command interface to UAS who can fly for you with sUAS operations in the US.  Starting at 1:30PM and running till 5PM. An Awareness Level Certificate for UAS PS operations will be issued on request for $20 on site.

RI UAS operator training class intro will address the additional training available to prepare to take the FAA aeronautical knowledge test for the Remote Pilot in charge certification under the 107 rule.  The second part of the RI UAS Operator training class will look at aerial search procedures, rescue operations, Command Interface, payload delivery, thermal camera use, night operations under a FAA COA/Exception.

Advanced two day SAR/PS operator class is avalible 

SUGGESTED READING RULE 107  http://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_107-2.pdf

Questions email bbarton@rescueinternational.org

Register: To register for the AM session only  Afternoon session is included.