RI UAS-ST is an organized ST from private and government UAS Operators, that are trained and meet minimum ST standards for SAR and Public safety UAS operations working under a local agency Incident Commander, all operators and flight crew members volunteer their services.

Chapters and Individual members needed, Memberships:

  • RI ST Members can be individuals, agencies or business
  • Strike Team Regions: A group of operators in a region  i.e. RI UAS-ST2 CA
  • Membership costs are $35 per-person and $100 per FAA registered airframe, includes flight insurance on official missions and training.
  • Chapters are State or Regional chapters organized under RI corporate structure
    Yearly dues $200, Members $35@

Member benefits:

  • Group discounts on equipment and airframes
  • National Standards and UAS operator training program and testing for SAR, LEA, EMA, Fire Service
  • Chapters are 501c3 non-profits under RI
  • National support system,  Sponsors

All member dues and fees are subject to change, all services and programs subject to change and availability as program expands.

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Corperate sponsors are needed to support our teams and mission responses, RI is a IRS 501c3 Non-profit

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