Rescue International responded to New Orleans for water rescue operations arriving Wednesday 2 days after Katrina hit the coast.  RRTF responded with a 6 man water rescue team with 2 inflatable boats, a 26 Foot support trailer, Communications support trailer with repeaters and handheld radios, 1- Water Search and Recovery K9, 1- Light rescue truck and 2- POV support and tow units.

Our two boat crews evacuated over 500 people including 7 critical medicals and air lifted over 80 people off the I-10 highway in 5 days of operations. Our team members coordinated for the LA Wildlife Authorities over 50 private and public safety watercraft that evacuated an estimated 3500 additional people from the city.


Photo Album of the Response


Our Jefferson Parrish Staging area next to Fire Dept in Northern New Orleans


How many times in your life do you get to tow in a Gondola


Animals were left ever were and it was heat breaking not to be able to save them all,  we pick the ones we could handle (puppies and smaller dogs and cats) but there was not place to take them in the first few days.  Later Animal Rescue center were set up and as we had time a place to take them we did more or we requested a team to come and get them if we were working human missions.


Doing door to door searches later in the week looking for people


Dale and Mark in the small Zodiac it was able to access more areas that the bigger boats.

Bruce and Bob with the other boat crew returning to downtown New Orleans to search for more people.

Many local resident refused to leave there homes without there animals.  Proudly shows off a photo

Two of the many dozens of volunteer boat crews working with our crew off the I-10 launching point


RI crew uses Airboat to check house reported to have people trapped inside

RI 2005

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