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Formed in 1985, we provide Search and Rescue, Disaster response and educational resources to 1st responders. Our RRTF provides trained K9 units, searchers and water rescue resources. Our Deployed Technologies Unit provides SAR and disaster response teams to support local and national and federal responders with communications and data support, training and resource development to meet your needs.

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1985-2024  39 Years of Service to the USA and around the world

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Background : Formed in 1985 Rescue International (RI) is a nonprofit corporation formed from people, response teams and companies that provide special search, rescue, communications and recovery services and products to requesting agencies free of charge. RI’s educational programs are based on a foundation of experienced instructors teaching students skills and providing information derived from hands on experience and supported with a written program guide and/or manual. RI has a number of Search and Rescue Training Programs available.    RI’s canine programs will help train SAR Canine  handlers and their dog to reach a minimum Canine Training Standard for each area of operational ability.

Based in Stroudsburg / Delaware Gap area of , PA., RI  members have responded to many of the major disasters in the past 33 years, including the 1987 Bridgeport, CT – Apartment Building Collapse, 1988 Earthquake in Armenia USSR, Hurricanes Hugo-Andrew-Opal, 1999 flooding in Boundbrook, NJ,  World Trade Center Disaster Recovery Operations,  Water Rescue Operations in New Orleans and two months of Recovery operations in Hancock County MS after Katrina.   Deployed Technologies Unit response to Ft Meyers, FL after Ian to support FEAM camp communications set. RI has also responded to many regional rescues including many regional flood operations.  The Rescue and Recovery Task Force continues to grow. Providing recovery canines and resources to Law Enforcement at no charge.

RI’s Director of Operations, has been active in Search & Rescue for over 50 years. He has participated in hundreds of SAR operations, including many major disasters world wide and has helped to guide the development of RI’s structure for response to major incidents and educational programs, based on his many years of experience.

RI’s Rescue Data Base maintains a list of specialized resources. Most resources are available free of charge and are provided by the agency or manufacturer as a public service under a sponsorship agreement with RI.

Some of RI’s in house or associates resources and equipment:

Training programs:

  • Water Rescue training for basic to advanced technician level programs
  • Training Program’s for K-9 and other SAR and Disaster related topics
  • Family Radio Service Frequency Use Plan
  • Canine Recovery Task Force HRD RECOVERT DOGS
  • INTEROP 101 Interoperability Disaster and Emergency Communications Training class 

Response of these resources to an emergency or specialized rescue can generally be within a two-four hour time period depending on the area, resource requested and transportation needs.

World Trade Center Operations 2001 Canine Recovery Task Force 

Rescue International provided the organizational and overhead operations for a Canine Recovery Task Force of recovery dogs and their volunteer handlers and support personnel.  These specialty trained teams were being brought in from across the country to assist the NYPD and FBI with locating the thousands of missing victims and our fallen brothers as a result of the WTC collapse. That Task Force continues today to support major recovery operations.

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