Deployed Technologies Unit

Rescue International’s Deployed Technologies Unit is a leader in providing disasters and major events with the highest level of communications and data support to NGO’s, 1st Responder and government agencies with access to FirstNet, LTE, satellite data and portable communications system to support them in areas were normal services are not in place or not working do to a disaster or incident.  

DTU can provide Data, VOIP, ROIP, POC PTT services with large area network coverage to support, Relief centers, Command Post, FOB or Base Camp operations in almost any place, it is needed.  We have been doing this for over 35 years under the worst of conditions. We have supported Responders and local NGO’s during events like 9/11 in NYC and Hurricanes Andrew, Opal, Katrina, Sandy, Ian and major flooding events. We have supported government base camp operations, for the past 12 years for DHS, CBP, ICE and FEMA operations most recently for Ian in 2022.

Our resources include deployable Starlink systems, mobile towers, analog and digital 2-way radio systems, command and communications trailers.  We can set up Wi-Fi systems and private LTE systems to cover large camps and operational areas .

Our unit has deployable UHF and VHF Interop and commercial radios and repeater systems. DTU can support contractors during disasters or special events with government contracts in need of support within our mission statement.

  • Contact us at 866-420-1818 for more information or email director@rescueinternational.o
Mobile repeater trailer
Mobile tower